The healthcare market has cycled in and out of growth phases for several decades – an indication of a market that neither bleeds (as did the airline industry in that period) nor exhaustively extorts (as in the case of pharmaceutical companies). At present the industry is expanding and maturing to meet new, unique market demands.

In the tumult of PPACA implementation with the potential for transition into new healthcare legislation, both profits and risks for insurance companies have increased. The paradigm is similar for employers – offering more attractive or flexible benefits make for a more compelling environment in which to recruit talent. But at what cost? The key for consumers, employers, and news personnel is to be mindful of the shifting nature of our healthcare system, and to seek out the most current and balanced information available.

This is a crucial opportunity for benefits agents and consultants to steer their clients and prospects in a direction that provides more adaptable and successful coverage solutions. HDHP alternatives like supplemental GAP insurance, cost-effective wellness initiatives, expense recovery solutions, and other novel tools will strengthen client relationships through improved employee acquisition and retention while growing your book of business. To learn more, contact us.

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