Many business owners struggle to put away sufficient personal funds to live comfortably while retiring at a reasonable age, the savvy and determined business owner often being inclined to reinvest in the growth of the business. Presenting your business-owning clients with opportunities to strengthen their retirement funds is a compelling way to keep them in your book of business and even grow your future commissions.

The Chelten Benefits Business Owner’s Retirement Plan offers you the opportunity to connect your clients with commercial lenders willing to lend $1,000,000 or more on an interest only basis.

  • These funds are then deposited into an Index account, for the Owner’s benefit, free from market risk, growing tax deferred.
  • At retirement, the Owner can receive lifetime proceeds “tax free”.
  • At the Owner’s death, the loan is repaid and any remaining funds are distributed to the Owner’s beneficiaries, tax free.

To learn more about the plan and how it can strengthen your product portfolio, read on here or contact us.

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