shutterstock_133973063 - 1200x800Tax law, business classification, accounts payable, regulatory fees – there are many ways for a business today to unintentionally pay more than their share. Taking the time to assess these factors and manage them can result in significant cost reduction and expense recovery. This translates into large opportunities for agents to strengthen client relationships and find new ways to clost deals. To illustrate, we provide you with a case study:

David, an Insurance Agent selling Property & Casualty insurance in Ohio, recently became a GMG/Stryde representative.  He immediately began calling his existing clients to introduce the GMG business cost recovery audit service he was now offering his clients.

One such client was a Commercial Investment Property Group with 12 properties he already was insuring for P&C coverages.  Over lunch with his client, he showed his 60 second tax savings online calculator (  On just one property, he calculated a $195,000 cost recovery available to the client!

Six months later, GMG has completed its audit and recovered $1,500,000 in tax credits for the client! The CPA representing the client has just referred David to several of his best clients.  David has also sold the client a business owner’s retirement plan which generated $155,000 in commission!

Chelten Benefits Group provides this service directly to your clients, or makes the tools available for you to use yourself – whatever works best for you! To learn more about how this works and what it can do for your clients and prospects (and you), contact us.

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