Your clients and prospects, like an business, are looking for a competitive edge to grow and stay viable in their market segment. This is usually achieved by the slow and challenging methods of selling more, working harder, or cutting the costs of their labor or goods. The truth is simply this – the easiest way for most businesses to reduce expenses is by recovering excess taxes, overpaid invoices, contractor fees, regulatory fines, and other such expenses (and avoiding such expenses in the future). Helping your clients and prospects through this process makes you an invaluable resources and will help your book of business to grow just as you are helping theirs. To illustrate, review the case study below.

– John S, one of our GMG representatives, had business appointments in New York and was staying for a week at this Holiday Inn.  He knew that like many major hotel franchise chains, Holiday Inn required its franchise owners to renovate their hotels.  Many of these hotels already had costed $5,000,000 or more to build or buy and now these renovations were costing another $1,000,000 or more.
John asked to speak to the hotel’s General Manager. He introduced himself, explained what GMG does and how GMG recovers an average $240,000 in overpaid business expenses and taxes. He explained to the GM that it only takes 60 seconds to estimate how much GMG could recover for that Holiday Inn. He opened up ( on his smartphone and in less than one minute demonstrated not just $240,000 but over $2,500,00 in savings and recoverable expenses.
Two months later, GMG has actually uncovered/recovered $3,600,000 for the hotel! John is now being invited to meet with other Holiday Inn franchise owners and their CPA’s. No more cold calling for John! He has plenty of referrals. –

To learn more about tax classification, business expense control, and how these solutions can benefit your clients, contact us.

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