As critical 4th quarter renewals are now on the horizon, it’s time to think about how you can really set yourself apart. In the increasingly competitive benefits landscape, what will make your clients inclined to stay with you? What will attract prospects to you from other competing benefits agents? Peddling the same tired solutions with flat pricing isn’t likely to impress, and most benefits programs will actually see an increase in costs – generally a major obstacle in the renewal process.

High deductible health plans can prove quite effective at lowering costs to employers, and can even lower upfront costs for employees as well. But we all know that the upfront costs aren’t the whole story. Most savvy benefits consumers are already aware that HDHPs lack the coverages necessary to receive consistent preventive care and responsive care – they’re little more than emergency protection. This makes employers (your clients) who offer exclusively HDHP seem uncaring and out of touch.

Enter GAP plans. Much like medigap for seniors, elective GAP coverages can turn HDHP solutions into highly flexible and personalized offerings that work for all employees and reduce long-term costs for employees and employers alike. The satisfaction rate among elective coverages is tremendously high – over 94% of seniors either like or love their plans. The HDHP + GAP solution allows you to present your clients (and prospects) with ideas that are both novel and cost-effective. A modern approach to an age-old challenge. Click here to learn more!

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