5 Strategies to Separate Your Services From the Pack

  • Posted on August 24, 2017
  • by Admin

1. Level Funded Premium. Our plans pay 10% commission on the total premium. We call these plans “return of premium” plans. I -you don’t use all your claims dollars, you get an end of year refund. But, here’s the deal: find the least expensive HDHP option. Employers can’t get a lower plan cost than bronze.

2. Group GAP plans. Millions of Seniors purchase Medigap plans to fill in holes in Medicare A&B. Employer groups can offer the same strategy. Offer workers several Group “GAP” plans to fill in holes in HDHPs. Learn more about GAP coverage:

3. Smartphone Video Benefits App. Let your employees “watch” 60 second video clips of all their benefits 24/7! HR personnel and employees love this service, and your competition doesn’t offer it. Samples available at

4. Stryde Cost Recovery Services. Let’s face it, at some point, we won’t be able to find any more health plan savings. You may be there already and yet your client won’t listen. They want savings. Look beyond health costs for your answer. You can now offer a cost audit service that recovers taxes, overpaid utilities, uncovers federal credits and more. Just show them our 60 second calculator and they will marvel at how much money you have recovered for them. To learn more, contact us.

5. Business Owner’s Retirement Plan. We represent Commercial Lenders willing to lend your clients $1,000,000 or more on an “interest only” basis. These funds are then deposited into an Index account, for the Owner’s benefit, free from market risk, growing tax deferred.At retirement, the Owner can receive lifetime proceeds “tax free”. At the Owner’s death, the loan is repaid and any remaining funds are distributed to the Owner’s beneficiaries, tax free.

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