Each year, Insurers, Brokers, Employers, and their workers struggle for ways to “bend the healthcare cost curve”. 

And yet, here’s the undeniable truth:

  • Insurers don’t want to give out ever increasing renewals.
  • Brokers don’t want to deliver high renewals.
  • Employers don’t want to shift high renewal increases onto their workers in the form of higher deductibles and increased premium sharing.
  • Employee wages have remained stagnant for years.  Many can’t afford their health insurance premiums and worse, many more can’t afford to use their plans because of high deductibles.

Aliera Healthcare

Aliera is a new idea that combines 4 strategies, Care, Coordination, Costing and Concierge. These strategies work seamlessly within the First Health provider network delivering excellent medical care while taking deliberate steps to begin bending the cost curve.

Aliera Care begins the healthcare experience requiring members to use their Tele-Doc 24 hour hotline.  Telemedicine quickly and professionally informs and directs patients.  Instead of wondering “where should I go”, “who should I see”, “do I need a specialist”, members speak first with telemedicine providers, then are directed to the most effective treatment  avenue where First Health national network health care providers begin care.

Aliera’s Concierge service stays connected to each member as they progress through the health care treatment.  Aliera’s Concierge Managers Coordinate with all Health Care Providers to provide best outcomes.

Aliera’s Costing regimen serves as a great platform to combine with a Level Funded Health plan strategy.  Lower cost outcomes, better health outcomes fit well in a self-funding arrangement.

To find out more about Aliera and its Level funded programs, fill out the contact form here and a Chelten Benefits Group representative will contact you.