Tax credits are a critical component of optimizing business profitability and finding offsets for the ever-increasing costs of benefits. Are your clients leveraging the Worker Opportunity and R&D tax credits that may apply to them? Most business fail to utilize these credits to their full extent, leaving thousands upon thousands of dollars on the table. Typical R&D tax credit studies return an average of approximately $30,000 for every $1MM in payroll! Eligibility extends back 3 years – so there’s urgency in providing your clients with this incentive. Click on the image to watch a brief video.

In addition to leveraging tax credits, your clients can take advantage of interest only loans up to and exceeding $1MM to build a superior nest egg. Deposited into an Index Account, the funds grow free from market risk – tax deferred. The proceeds supplement retirement income. At the owner’s death, the loan is repaid and any remaining amount is distributed to the beneficiaries.

These are just a few of the novel strategies that are critical to retaining benefits clients in an increasingly competitive and costly market. To learn more, contact us.

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HDHPs have become a common way to sell “affordable” solutions to employers and employees alike. But the real costs are high as most participants see little to no coverage until they’ve spent between $8,000 and $10,000 in combined premiums and out of pocket expenses. This decreases plan enrollment and satisfaction, causing your clients and prospects to look elsewhere. Offering products to fill the coverage gap can dramatically increase program participation and satisfaction, strengthening retention for you and your clients.

With costs as low as a few hundred dollars per employee per year, supplementary GAP coverage can grow your book of business while providing your clients significantly greater value. The coverage can be introduced as an employer-provided benefit, an employee contribution, or any combination therein, allowing for dramatically increased flexibility in addition to higher plan satisfaction and employee retention. These all translate into stronger renewal and referral opportunities for your agency.

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5 Strategies to Separate Your Services From the Pack

  • Posted on August 24, 2017
  • by Admin

1. Level Funded Premium. Our plans pay 10% commission on the total premium. We call these plans “return of premium” plans. I -you don’t use all your claims dollars, you get an end of year refund. But, here’s the deal: find the least expensive HDHP option. Employers can’t get a lower plan cost than bronze.

2. Group GAP plans. Millions of Seniors purchase Medigap plans to fill in holes in Medicare A&B. Employer groups can offer the same strategy. Offer workers several Group “GAP” plans to fill in holes in HDHPs. Learn more about GAP coverage:

3. Smartphone Video Benefits App. Let your employees “watch” 60 second video clips of all their benefits 24/7! HR personnel and employees love this service, and your competition doesn’t offer it. Samples available at

4. Stryde Cost Recovery Services. Let’s face it, at some point, we won’t be able to find any more health plan savings. You may be there already and yet your client won’t listen. They want savings. Look beyond health costs for your answer. You can now offer a cost audit service that recovers taxes, overpaid utilities, uncovers federal credits and more. Just show them our 60 second calculator and they will marvel at how much money you have recovered for them. To learn more, contact us.

5. Business Owner’s Retirement Plan. We represent Commercial Lenders willing to lend your clients $1,000,000 or more on an “interest only” basis. These funds are then deposited into an Index account, for the Owner’s benefit, free from market risk, growing tax deferred.At retirement, the Owner can receive lifetime proceeds “tax free”. At the Owner’s death, the loan is repaid and any remaining funds are distributed to the Owner’s beneficiaries, tax free.

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As critical 4th quarter renewals are now on the horizon, it’s time to think about how you can really set yourself apart. In the increasingly competitive benefits landscape, what will make your clients inclined to stay with you? What will attract prospects to you from other competing benefits agents? Peddling the same tired solutions with flat pricing isn’t likely to impress, and most benefits programs will actually see an increase in costs – generally a major obstacle in the renewal process.

High deductible health plans can prove quite effective at lowering costs to employers, and can even lower upfront costs for employees as well. But we all know that the upfront costs aren’t the whole story. Most savvy benefits consumers are already aware that HDHPs lack the coverages necessary to receive consistent preventive care and responsive care – they’re little more than emergency protection. This makes employers (your clients) who offer exclusively HDHP seem uncaring and out of touch.

Enter GAP plans. Much like medigap for seniors, elective GAP coverages can turn HDHP solutions into highly flexible and personalized offerings that work for all employees and reduce long-term costs for employees and employers alike. The satisfaction rate among elective coverages is tremendously high – over 94% of seniors either like or love their plans. The HDHP + GAP solution allows you to present your clients (and prospects) with ideas that are both novel and cost-effective. A modern approach to an age-old challenge. Click here to learn more!

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GAP Strategies to Fit Every Type of Benefits Client

  • Posted on July 26, 2017
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GAP plans (Group Supplemental Health plans) are used to fill in holes in HDHPs that most employers offer today – similar to “Medigap” supplemental insurance plans used by Seniors. But these plans are available to anyone, and are considered excepted benefits under ACA guidelines. Offering these alternative or additional coverages can bring additional business to your agency and drive increased commissions. There are three GAP strategies that make a compelling case to clients and prospects:

“Insured HRA” strategy. Save money and duplicate or improve existing coverage. Combining a Bronze plan with GAP plan(s) can offer savings and even offer employees better coverages.

“Cadillac Tax” strategy. ACA Bronze plan base coverage, then allow employees to “pick and purchase” the right amount of GAP coverage.

“Private Exchange” strategy.  One Bronze plan base plan with multiple “buy up” GAP options. Instead of offering several major medical plans, simply give employees a strong network PPO Bronze plan and offer them several GAP plan options to “pick and purchase” the levels of GAP coverage they desire.

To learn more about how gap strategies can grow your book of business and drive increased commissions, contact us.

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Your clients and prospects, like an business, are looking for a competitive edge to grow and stay viable in their market segment. This is usually achieved by the slow and challenging methods of selling more, working harder, or cutting the costs of their labor or goods. The truth is simply this – the easiest way for most businesses to reduce expenses is by recovering excess taxes, overpaid invoices, contractor fees, regulatory fines, and other such expenses (and avoiding such expenses in the future). Helping your clients and prospects through this process makes you an invaluable resources and will help your book of business to grow just as you are helping theirs. To illustrate, review the case study below.

– John S, one of our GMG representatives, had business appointments in New York and was staying for a week at this Holiday Inn.  He knew that like many major hotel franchise chains, Holiday Inn required its franchise owners to renovate their hotels.  Many of these hotels already had costed $5,000,000 or more to build or buy and now these renovations were costing another $1,000,000 or more.
John asked to speak to the hotel’s General Manager. He introduced himself, explained what GMG does and how GMG recovers an average $240,000 in overpaid business expenses and taxes. He explained to the GM that it only takes 60 seconds to estimate how much GMG could recover for that Holiday Inn. He opened up ( on his smartphone and in less than one minute demonstrated not just $240,000 but over $2,500,00 in savings and recoverable expenses.
Two months later, GMG has actually uncovered/recovered $3,600,000 for the hotel! John is now being invited to meet with other Holiday Inn franchise owners and their CPA’s. No more cold calling for John! He has plenty of referrals. –

To learn more about tax classification, business expense control, and how these solutions can benefit your clients, contact us.

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The Manufacturing Incentives (R&D Tax Credit) benefit is a federal program designed for your clients that perform manufacturing in the U.S. This program is listed under Section 41 of the IRC (Internal Revenue Code)  The Manufacturing Incentives benefit provides an avenue to receive ‘tax money’ back from prior years while also reducing current taxable income on a dollar-for-dollar basis. Targeted industries include Manufacturing, Engineering, Software, and Chemical & Pharmaceutical companies.

The National R&D Tax Credit average is over $25,000 per $1,000,000 in total company payroll. This can help your clients to appreciate your value and free up valuable funds for other products or services you may want to sell them. Minimum requirements include that the business has at least $1.5M in annual payroll and has paid Federal taxes within the last 3 years or plans to in the current year.

To learn more about the R&D Tax Credit and other opportunities for you and your clients and prospects, meet with Chelten Benefits Group.

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shutterstock_133973063 - 1200x800Tax law, business classification, accounts payable, regulatory fees – there are many ways for a business today to unintentionally pay more than their share. Taking the time to assess these factors and manage them can result in significant cost reduction and expense recovery. This translates into large opportunities for agents to strengthen client relationships and find new ways to clost deals. To illustrate, we provide you with a case study:

David, an Insurance Agent selling Property & Casualty insurance in Ohio, recently became a GMG/Stryde representative.  He immediately began calling his existing clients to introduce the GMG business cost recovery audit service he was now offering his clients.

One such client was a Commercial Investment Property Group with 12 properties he already was insuring for P&C coverages.  Over lunch with his client, he showed his 60 second tax savings online calculator (  On just one property, he calculated a $195,000 cost recovery available to the client!

Six months later, GMG has completed its audit and recovered $1,500,000 in tax credits for the client! The CPA representing the client has just referred David to several of his best clients.  David has also sold the client a business owner’s retirement plan which generated $155,000 in commission!

Chelten Benefits Group provides this service directly to your clients, or makes the tools available for you to use yourself – whatever works best for you! To learn more about how this works and what it can do for your clients and prospects (and you), contact us.

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Many business owners struggle to put away sufficient personal funds to live comfortably while retiring at a reasonable age, the savvy and determined business owner often being inclined to reinvest in the growth of the business. Presenting your business-owning clients with opportunities to strengthen their retirement funds is a compelling way to keep them in your book of business and even grow your future commissions.

The Chelten Benefits Business Owner’s Retirement Plan offers you the opportunity to connect your clients with commercial lenders willing to lend $1,000,000 or more on an interest only basis.

  • These funds are then deposited into an Index account, for the Owner’s benefit, free from market risk, growing tax deferred.
  • At retirement, the Owner can receive lifetime proceeds “tax free”.
  • At the Owner’s death, the loan is repaid and any remaining funds are distributed to the Owner’s beneficiaries, tax free.

To learn more about the plan and how it can strengthen your product portfolio, read on here or contact us.

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Joint Work for Agency Growth

  • Posted on June 20, 2017
  • by Admin

Clients are always seeking to lower costs. But costs can only go so low. Bring your clients new opportunities to save costs in other areas, increasing your value proposition and strengthening your relationships. The 15-5 Agency Growth Program allows you and your clients to benefit from expense reduction and cost recovery while parachuting you into more new prospects.

Government tax credits, overpaid invoices, and a variety of other factors contribute to the average business losing tens of thousands – even hundreds of thousands a year. Want to help your clients get it back and increase your commissions in the process? Watch the video to learn more.

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