HDHP + GAP Case Studies

  • Posted on May 23, 2017
  • by Admin

Sometimes the best way to understand how a solution works is to see it in action. HDHP + GAP implementation works for a wide variety of organizations – whether your client or prospect has 50 employees or 50,000. Though the specific coverages vary, the core concept of an inexpensive, bare-bones plan to comply with federal regulations in tandem with elective additional coverage becomes an asset for employer and employee alike.

To illustrate how this solution can help you close more business and retain more clients, read and leverage our case studies. And for more information on these and other novel solutions to improving your book of business, contact us.

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New Stryde Video Sales Tools for Benefits Agents

  • Posted on May 15, 2017
  • by Admin

Our new Stryde videos help agents bring GMG/Stryde cost reduction and expense recovery solutions to prospects and clients across more verticals with targeted messaging. The Stryde program can work for virtually any organization, but our new video target some of the most significant and relevant business sectors, including healthcare, hospitality, and more.

We’ve also created a new video the 15-5 Agency Growth plan leveraging Stryde Solutions to bring agents fruitful joint work opportunities. Click on the image below to visit the new and improved Stryde video page!

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Joint Work 15-5 Agency Growth Program

  • Posted on May 2, 2017
  • by Admin

Are your benefits agency commissions are being cut by ACA? Are you searching for new revenue solutions? Chelten Benefits Group “15-5 Agency Growth” value proposition is bringing new revenue opportunities to agencies of all shapes and sizes.

Just introduce us to 15 suitable business clients you currently represent (commercial property owners, auto dealers, manufacturers, restaurants, engineering, etc.). Over the next 12 months, we’ll earn your agency $300,000 new revenue and parachute you into 15 new business clients. Want to know more? Check out the infographic below and visit our new page.

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Organizations looking forward from 2017 prioritize recruiting and retaining talent through a variety of strategies, but none are more important than total compensation. The best and brightest are no longer concerned first and foremost with salary dollars, but with benefits that suit their needs. For larger organizations, offering flexible benefits solutions that speak to a vast array of divergent needs proves highly compelling. Individual employees can understand and control benefits and costs while the employers avoid the undue burden of excessive and underutilized coverages.

Introduce your clients and prospects to Level Funded Premium Plans with GAP or Insured HRA. Mitigated risk pools with return of unused premiums and elective supplementary coverages allow everyone to afford the benefits they want by giving them nothing less and nothing more – a custom-tailored solution for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Read more about Level Funded Premium Plans and Group GAP Insurance.

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The Chelten Benefits Team is a Senior Agent with Stryde Solutions. Our team works with clients to identify Specialized Tax Incentives and Expense Reductions. Stryde Solutions has captured over $300M in benefits for clients. Stryde offers opportunities to increase revenues from your current clientele and gain access to a variety of new clients. We stand head and shoulders above the crowd for the following reasons:

* Bring clients hundreds of thousands in revenue with zero upfront fees.

* Access direct mail lead gen program to sky rocket your sales.

* Manage your entire business from a hi-tech marketing portal.

* No other company in the world has as many cutting edge services to offer.

Ready to take the next step? Click here to learn more.

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Premium Saver – How Does It Work?

  • Posted on April 4, 2017
  • by Admin

Premium Saver offers significant cost reductions for employers and employees alike when managing ACA compliance and claims. HDHPs provide low monthly costs for employees and employers, but the insured can incur high out of pocket expenses prior to significant plan assistance. Premium Saver helps cover the spread, reducing out of pocket maximums to manageable levels. Click on the video below to learn more about this service and how you can communicate its benefits to your clients and prospects.

To learn more, contact us!

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GAP Coverage Video

  • Posted on April 4, 2017
  • by Admin

GAP coverage provides both cost reductions and increased employee health plan satisfaction through elective supplementary coverage options. Introductory videos are a great way for you to connect with your prospects and clients, and for them to connect with their employees. Learn more about how you can communicate the advantages of GAP coverage to your clients and prospects – watch the video below.

To learn more, contact us!

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Return of Premium or Level Funded Premium Plans can greatly benefit organizations with below-average claims by rebating or crediting unused funds. Offering such a plan can broaden your portfolio of benefits products, helping you and your clients to remain competitive in an ever-tightening marketplace.

Important aspects of this type of plan:

  • It can be used with self funded plans, ASO plans, even with as few as ten participating employees.
  • It can be a very good option for businesses which do not incur many insurance claims.
  • Monthly payments stay the same (level).
  • If claims are less than the funded amount, employer can receive a rebate or credit

For more information on this and other innovative benefits programs, contact us.

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Video Marketing Strategies for Insurance Agents

  • Posted on March 14, 2017
  • by Admin

Using video as part of a well-rounded marketing strategy can help insurance agents be more successful for three reasons:

  • It is effective
  • It is consistent
  • It is inexpensive

Video marketing allows agents to record the perfect message to share with hundreds of leads and existing clients. It also removes message inconsistency. Not every insurance agent is the same. While one may deliver their message effortlessly, another may struggle to verbalize the benefits of buying insurance from their company. Video marketing messages do not suffer from such irregularity.

Video marketing does not require a complex setup or production crew either. Depending on the audience, insurance agents may be able to record videos from their smartphones. If the agent needs higher quality footage, they can buy a decent camera, tripod, and microphone for a couple hundred dollars. Below are some ideas for how insurance agents can use video marketing to improve their sales and lead generation.

Client Recommendations

Millennials rely on word of mouth and reviews more so than marketing messages. You can send them targeted emails, but a positive recommendation from a few clients will yield better results every time. These videos do not need to be too polished. In fact, the less scripted the testimonials seem, the more effective they will be. Ask the clients specific questions that address common concerns leads may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you can address some common questions in client testimonial videos, it is impossible to cover them all without appearing rehearsed. Agents should compile a list of questions clients and prospects ask on a regular basis. They can then make videos to address the questions. This can save agents time as well as provide a valuable service to leads and clients.

Still not convinced? Remember, if a client is asking an agent the question, they are likely asking Google as well. A video allows agents to control the message as well as reduce misinformation.

Record a Seminar

Preparing and presenting a seminar is a major investment. It only makes sense to preserve it for prospective and existing clients. It shows the company possesses professionalism and demonstrates their expertise in the industry. It can also boost a company’s exposure by posting the video to various social media sites.

To learn more ways insurance agents can market themselves to increase sales and leads, contact Chelten Benefits Group.

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Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular within the insurance industry. This is because customers want to be able to access information about their policy at any time from any device. The auto insurance industry is a classic example of this practice. This is in large part because over 70% of individuals shopping for auto insurance start their search online.

As more features go digital, many insurance agents are questioning their place in the process. They wonder if they are truly necessary when the customer is shopping and finding answers to their questions online. Thankfully, the answer is yes, insurance agents are a vital component of the insurance industry. Below are a few reasons why insurance agents do not need to fear replacement by technology anytime soon.

People Still Make Their Final Purchases Through an Agent

While they start their search online, the vast majority of customers either meet with an agent in person or call them over the phone to finalize and purchase their policy. Consumers still trust other humans over technology, especially when it comes to discussing the particulars of their policy.

Digitization Cannot Replace All Elements

Some may think of insurance as a commodity, but the truth is it is difficult to set up without proper guidance. Determining how much coverage an individual needs, what type of coverage is best for them, deductibles, and so on is enough to make some consumer’s head’s spin. Add in the potential to bundle certain coverages as well as the laws that vary from state-to-state and most customers are ready to hand off their policy search to a qualified agent.

While most policy searches start online, they end with an agent. An agent who knows how the customer uses the online tools available to them can save time and have an advantage over those who do not. Agents can also take steps to make themselves more available online either through chat programs or making themselves accessible via email. Knowing what customers need and how to find it can help agents succeed in an increasingly digital industry. To learn more about providing better service to clients to increase sales and leads, contact Chelten Benefits Group.

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