Strategies to Grow Your Benefits Book of Business

  • Posted on December 5, 2016
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home-2016-05-03-8-CopyThe goal for every benefits agent is to generate more leads and increase sales. Yet this is easier said than done. The following are tips all benefits agents can use to grow their leads and their book of business.

Provide Solutions, Not Products

Even if you believe your product is the best, presenting it as an object to buy will not have high success rates. Prospective leads may not be willing to part with their hard-earned money for a product. However, you are much more likely to secure a sale if what you are selling fixes a problem in the lead’s life. Listen to the individual and learn their needs. Armed with that information, you can offer services that address their priorities. In short, people do not want a sales pitch; they want solutions.

Let the Lead do the Talking

Continuing with the above, you cannot possibly offer viable solutions if you do not listen to your lead. While you may have an insurance policy that will solve their problems, you will not know which plan is best without listening first. Ask questions to get the lead talking about their lifestyle, their family, and their worries about the future. The lead will tell you what it is they are looking for if you let them. By acting as a consultant rather than a salesperson, you will garner useful information to help the lead.

Showcase Benefits, Not Features

If you become overly focused on features, the lead may assume you are trying to increase your commission. In addition, concentrating on technical elements can sometimes come across as a tactic to distract or confuse. It’s best to contextualize benefits solutions in terms of the holistic and qualitative improvements they can make for an organization. After this, a quantitative assessment of cost structures, potential savings, employee costs, and other financial elements can be discussed.

While these tips provide a starting point for benefits agents to increase leads and sales, there’s more – much more. Chelten Benefits Group provides a number of customized services to help agents serve their clients better as well as boost their commissions. To learn more, contact us.

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shutterstock_251707783 smMargaret is a life insurance agent specializing in business and estate planning. You could always count on her to be an exhibitor at any and every CPA convention or show.  There, she would struggle to find CPA’s willing to be new potential referral sources. In the past, it was difficult to separate her services from those of other life agents.  That was until Margaret became a GMG/Stryde agent.  Then, her life changed…big time.

Margaret now promotes the GMG Cost Recovery Audit service to small and mid-sized CPA firms.  These practices often don’t have the staff or expertise to perform cost recovery audits that can recover their clients thousands of dollars in taxes.  The GMG audit service provides CPAs with a new added value service for their clients. Margaret offers an “either/or” proposition to these CPAs.  They can become GMG/Stryde representatives and offer the GMG audit services directly to their clients with Margaret earning a commission override on everything they do.

Or, if they prefer, they can simply refer Margaret to their clients and Margaret can handle the entire case.  Either way, Margaret likes to say that as a GMG rep, she is now being “parachuted” into new client’s offices rather than having to “burrow up through the floor boards” and referrals are pouring in. This year is her biggest year ever. She is on pace for MDRT Top of the Table status.  Margaret no longer stands behind an exhibitor booth.  Life is very good for Margaret.

To learn more about following in Margaret’s footsteps, contact us.

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shutterstock_174966584 - CopySo many businesses today seek to attain or improve profitability by selling more, working harder, or cutting the costs of their labor or goods. While these methods all have the potential to improve the bottom line, they often require significant time and resources and are riddled with potential consequences. Yet nearly every business pays excess taxes, invoices, contractor fees, regulatory fines, and other such expenses. Cracking down on your business classification, finding applicable tax credits, and leveraging other cost cutting measures to which you’re already entitled can save an organization hundreds of thousands – or more. To illustrate, review the case study below.

– John S, one of our GMG representatives, had business appointments in New York and was staying for a week at this Holiday Inn.  He knew that like many major hotel franchise chains, Holiday Inn required its franchise owners to renovate their hotels.  Many of these hotels already had costed $5,000,000 or more to build or buy and now these renovations were costing another $1,000,000 or more.
John asked to speak to the hotel’s General Manager. He introduced himself, explained what GMG does and how GMG recovers an average $240,000 in overpaid business expenses and taxes. He explained to the GM that it only takes 60 seconds to estimate how much GMG could recover for that Holiday Inn. He opened up ( on his smartphone and in less than one minute demonstrated not just $240,000 but over $2,500,00 in savings and recoverable expenses.
Two months later, GMG has actually uncovered/recovered $3,600,000 for the hotel! John is now being invited to meet with other Holiday Inn franchise owners and their CPA’s. No more cold calling for John! He has plenty of referrals. –

To learn more about tax classification, business expense control, and how these solutions can benefit your clients, contact us.

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In this 10 minute on-demand webinar we discuss how a benefits agents earned 41 referrals and over $300,000 commission from one satisfied client. Referrals are the lifeblood of insurance agencies – but most agents and brokers could be unlocking many more referrals. Our expert speaker will explain how to secure more referrals from your best clients and much more. Topics include:

* The Old Way of Selling vs. Today’s Sales Opportunities
* How to Earn More Referrals from Your Best Clients
* How an Agent Produced $300,000 & 41 Referrals from One Account

To learn more about our unique perspective on selling and providing benefits, contact us.
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Healthcare & Transparency: Shifting the Industry Paradigm

  • Posted on September 20, 2016
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shutterstock_251707783 smHealth insurance costs rise as the cost of healthcare products and services rise. A reasonable assertion – yet only partly true. Another major contributing factor to the burdensome costs of most health insurance coverages is that the coverage provided doesn’t match the needs of the insured. If the coverage is insufficient, then out of pocket expenses can make the overall costs unwieldy. By the same token, excessive coverage for healthier individuals inflates health insurance rates beyond their necessary bounds. In addition to all of this exists a massive amount of confusion, misdirection, and red tape.

The cornerstone of healthcare cost and quality reform is transparency. It’s a paradigm shift that those in power – government, health insurers, and providers – would like to avoid at any cost. The current system is built upon the foundation of confusing and unclear delivery of goods and services. Insurers negotiate deals with providers to set prices for services and then administer that design through an overly complicated billing/coding system to facilitate payment. It sounds convenient, but in reality, the system makes large sums of money for its architects and managers at the cost of the American healthcare consumer.

Widespread internet access and a preponderance of resources therein have improved the ability of the average consumer to comparison shop service providers in their area. The next step is providing consumers with access to information on quality and cost in advance of treatment so they can determine overall value. An excellent example is Lasik eye surgery. The surgery isn’t covered by insurance and the cost is disclosed upfront and paid for directly by the consumer. Ten years ago, Lasik cost $5000 per eye. Today, it costs $500 per eye and quality has improved dramatically.

Legislators, health insurance companies and providers often claim that healthcare is complicated and making cost and quality information available to consumers will only confuse them. This is fallacious and duplicitous. While healthcare products and services are quite nuanced, assessing their cost and quality is a core component of providing them. Uneducated consumers, by definition, will suffer suboptimal care. Transparent and consumer-centric healthcare is the way forward. To learn more, ask us.

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Top 4 Innovative Group Health Solutions

  • Posted on September 6, 2016
  • by Admin

shutterstock_252811903 - Copy1. Level Funded Premium. Our plans pay 10% commission on the total premium. We call these plans “return of premium” plans. I -you don’t use all your claims dollars, you get an end of year refund. But, here’s the deal: find the least expensive HDHP option. Employers can’t get a lower plan cost than bronze.

2. Group GAP plans. Millions of Seniors purchase Medigap plans to fill in holes in Medicare A&B. Employer groups can offer the same strategy. Offer workers several Group “GAP” plans to fill in holes in HDHPs. Learn more about GAP coverage:

3. Smartphone Video Benefits App. Let your employees “watch” 60 second video clips of all their benefits 24/7! HR personnel and employees love this service, and your competition doesn’t offer it. Samples available at

4. Stryde Cost Recovery Services. Let’s face it, at some point, we won’t be able to find any more health plan savings. You may be there already and yet your client won’t listen. They want savings. Look beyond health costs for your answer. You can now offer a cost audit service that recovers taxes, overpaid utilities, uncovers federal credits and more. Just show them our 60 second calculator and they will marvel at how much money you have recovered for them. To learn more, contact us.

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shutterstock_92934382 - CopyIt’s once again time for the Georgia Associations of Health Underwriters Convention – another excellent opportunity for agents to explore the latest and greatest product and service solutions for their clients. You’re likely looking to:
  • Grow your book of business
  • Offer more adaptable coverages
  • Make waves with novel and effective new solutions
  • Incorporate improved benefits communications strategies
Chelten Benefits Group will have a booth at the convention. Come see us and learn about our smartphone benefits communication videos – write with us and have this wonderful service free for your clients! To learn more about the convention or our services, contact us.
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Broker Revenue Enhancement Webinar

  • Posted on August 3, 2016
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While one of our brokers was having his car serviced, he opened his iPad with the general manager of the dealership. Several months later, he earned over $300,000 in commissions, plus 41 new referral calls from the dealership’s CPA. Imagine having the resources to help any client or prospect recover $250,000 in overcharged business expenses, uncover $250,000 in federal tax incentives, and discover some of the most significant detractors from their bottom line – all succinctly demonstrated in just 15 minutes on your iPad.

Chelten Benefits Group is a general agent for several niche group insurance carriers. In addition, we now represent Growth Management Group – the nation’s largest specialized federal tax incentive and cost reduction consulting firm. They generally save their business clients between $250,000 and $1,000,000. Some, like the manufacturing facility in the image provided, have achieved even greater savings. Your opportunity here is that their prospective clients are already your clients! To provide more information, we’ve made available a webinar on the program – how it works, and why everyone wins.

Click here to register for the on-demand webinar to learn more.
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The solution to boring, old-fashioned employee communications booklets has finally arrived. Chelten Benefits Group offers the creation and hosting of short online video clips to present critical plan information to your employees when and where they want to access it (anywhere and anytime).

For just a modest monthly subscription fee, we’ll customize these benefits videos, publish them to your own online site, and maintain and monitor it for you and your client. In fact, the service is complimentary for agents already writing business through us. Video clips include topics such as:

  1. Premium Saver (Group GAP) Explainedshutterstock_133973063 - 1200x800
  2. How to Use Your Health Plan
  3. Doctor’s Office visit copays
  4. RX copays
  5. Emergency room Copays
  6. Urgent Center Copays
  7. Dental plan description
  8. Short Term Disability
  9. Long term Disability

Additionally, we insert links with enrollment and claim forms, FAQ’s, employee handbooks, etc. plus whatever information you want your employees to have easily available.

Imagine having this service available to all your clients, maximizing plan value and efficacy. This simple tool can change the way you sell insurance and build client relationships. To learn more, contact us.

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shutterstock_136833263With healthcare costs seemingly spiraling out of control, employers need to find new and improved solutions to providing their employees with coverage options. The challenges are multifold. These include the rising costs of procedures, especially among specialists, the increasing cost and quantity of prescription medications being dispensed, the advent of newer and more refined technological aids, patient inclination to seek out rapid care, and more. But what solutions is your agency offering to this cycle of excess spending?

Chelten Benefits Group offers several novel solutions that can help to bring clients’ budgets under control while still serving the interests of their employees. These include:

1. Level-funding company healthcare costs.
2. Provide a proactive wellness initiative.
3. Use a flexible contribution arrangement (FSA).
4. Use deductible exposure mitigation vehicles (HRAs).

Ask your clients if they understand these strategies and how they can impact an organization – many will say no! Staying ahead of the curve in the competitive world of employee benefits means continually seeking out new and improved solutions to timeless problems. Contact us to learn more.

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